Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 25th 2012

Hello everyone! Sorry for not updating the past few days, we have been very busy. Alexz has been very awake compared to before. He is still pretty drowsy from the combo of meds, but nothing like before.
He has been working with the physical therapist on getting his legs working again and straightening his limbs.
Alexzander has been quite emotional, mostly due to the fact that he still 
has a hard time communicating. He wants to talk, however, his mouth isn't moving normal because of his meds. Also, his voice is still a little raspy because of the breathing tube that was in for two weeks. I have been working with him on talking to me, dad, or his nurses, before he gets so frustrated that he starts crying.
We have started reintroducing solid foods, though he is still fed through a tube for maximum calorie intake. He mostly wants Popsicles and more Popsicles. He usually gets his way :)
Alexz is doing very well over all, the hardest part right now is the pain and emotion management.

Love and positive energy to all ♥

P.S. all of Xzander's nurses say he is one of the strongest and most well behaved patients they have ever had... Just like anybody else that meets him :D

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